Monday, 7 November 2011

Scrappy Skirt

So I was cleaning out my sewing room.  That is to say, I absolutely, without question, could not push any more projects to the other side of the table-- stuff was falling off at all angles and there still wasn't a square centimeter of work space; it was, in short, necessary beyond words.

But, joy of joys, when I was finished, I found I had a box full of cute fabric scraps!

What to do with those cute fabric scraps? Well, I happen to also have a bin of random elastic bits which lead promptly to:

The Scrappy Skirt


Scissors (if you use pinking shears your cottons won't fray)
waistband elastic
fabric scraps in similar colour families
extra ribbon (optional)

I used 4 different cottons
Approx Time:  1hr
Difficulty: Easy



1) Cut your fabric scraps into 5cm x50cm strips. This, by no means, is "quilting precise" so no worries if a few of your scraps are jagged or a touch short. I think it makes the Scrappy Skirt a little more fun that way.

2) Sew together (or hot glue) the width of elastic for your skirt wearer.  For a size 1-2, I made the elastic about 30cms long, for a 2-4 add 5cms (35cms long), for a 4-6, add another 5 cms and so on.

3)  Create a loop of a fabric strip by folding it in half with the cut ends at the bottom.

4) Put the elastic band over the fabric loop.

5) Tuck the ends through the loop so that the elastic is encased by the fabric strip.  Pull tight.

6) Repeat until the whole elastic band is covered in cute fabric scraps.

I made a pattern using 4 different cotton prints, 3 different ribbons and a sheer scrap in sparkly blue/green left over from a Pashmina I made. I'm telling you, you can't go wrong! This would look adorable all in pink, or blue, or brown or whatever! I like thinner strips, but a thicker one (10cms) would be adorable I'm sure.

What a great family photo prop!  LOVE it!
Do I need to write that you should spot clean any areas that need it-- don't wash this masterpiece. In fact, when it gets grungy, dive back into the scrap box and start new!

Let me know how your Scrappy Skirt turns out!

Photocredit: JDL
Model: Celynne 

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  1. LOVE this project....just wish I would have listened to my mom in high school when she told me to take sewing instead of foods!! I swear I can't even sew on a button!

    Can't wait to see some paper craftin' here too!