Sunday, 13 November 2011

Magic Mirror Moments

This craft is not really a craft at all. Well, I mean, it's crafty, but it's not laborious. It doesn't involve several steps or a random assortment of stuff that you probably don't have. There is no adhesive needed, even; like I said, it's almost not a craft at all. Ha. But the impact is so awesome I had to post it, despite the astounding lack of glitter and glue.

You remember when your Mom would write a little love note in your lunch at school and you'd find it and no matter how your day was going, you instantly felt better? Well, this takes the lunch note to a new level, and location.

                                                          Magic Mirror Moments

Materials:  One box of Crayola window CRAYONS.
Don't get the markers. They are difficult to get off the mirror. The window crayons are amazing-- they write nicely, are opaque, and wash off with nothing more than a damp wash cloth.

Time: 6 minutes
Difficulty: So very easy


1) Think of the message you'd like your family members to find.
1.2) Think of a cute graphic to include (optional)
2) Spell check it (no one wants to read something that doesn't make sense).
3) Bust out those window crayons.

I wrote my three messages up high on the mirror to avoid the spatter of water from the faucets. BUT, the problem with that, for us, is it's in our lines of vision. My hubby and I are both tall. I think if the message were placed in the middle of the mirror it would be less obtrusive.

I also included a cute graphic with the message.

Truly, this took all of 5 minutes to write all three messages. It's wonderful to go into the bathroom and read the little notes of kindness and love!

(I was going to only do it in the bathrooms for the kids and my hubby, but it made me pout to know they had love all over their mirrors, so I made one for me, too. It's great!)

You can do this as often as you'd like.

If you get stuck for inspiration, try looking up quotes online ( is a fave). Or, have your kids write them. What a great way to practice printing by writing on the mirror! Oh, and think about who's reading it-- keep the words age appropriate --my daughter is just learning to read, so I made sure the words were about three letters long.

Happy Colouring!

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