Monday, 21 November 2011

Felty-Melty-Pizza Pie

I always seem to resort to felt when I feel the urge to do a quick craft. Why? Well, for starters, the dang stuff doesn't FRAY! So you can cut it to the shape you want, glue 'er down and voila. No strings, no mess, just pure blissful enjoyment. Are you with me people? Felt's where it's at.

At any rate, this also means I have a ton of felt scraps. I don't know what I was in a past life, but I must've been super wasteful; in this life, all I seem to want to do is to make use of every last square centimeter of anything. My frugality is your fruit, though, so here's my Felty-Melty-Pizza Pie!

                                                            Felty-Melty-Pizza Pie!

Felt scraps in pizza-topping colours
beige material (I used a fleece remnant)
marker (optional)
sewing machine, or needle and thread

Time: 1 hr
Difficulty: Easy to Medium (depending on whether you hand sew or use a sewing machine)

1) Cut out a circle in your fleece. Sew the circle together with the right sides together. Invert. Stitch a line around the outside of the circle and again inside the circle, to mimic the crust.

 If you don't sew, use a beige piece of felt for the base. It won't be as 'fluffy' or 'doughy' as the two layer fleece, but really, it's for playing and using imagination, so who cares, right?

2) Cut out some red felt for the sauce.
3) Get crazy and cut out some toppings!
    Pepperoni-- red circles (Try using a different red than the sauce. My pepperonis are the same colour and it's a little blah.)
    Mushrooms-- cream felt
    Green peppers-- green rectangles
    Pineapple-- cut yellow circles, then quarter those to get the round outside to the triangle
    Sardines--long, brown felty fish shapes
    Ham-- pink fat rectangles
    Italian Sausage-- dark brown circles
    Olives-- The centre hole is tedious but worth it!

Make whatever toppings your family enjoys.  I'd suggest making ones you don't usually get, too. It'll get some great conversations going about likes and dislikes.

4) optional Now that you have toppings, you can take a Sharpie and colour in the under bits on the mushroom, or add eyes on the sardines, or lines on the pineapple-- the world is your oyster. And if you want, you can even add oysters to your pizza toppings-- I had some on a pizza in Italy once.

Store the pizza toppings in the snack-size zipper bags. Roll up the pizza and bring it with you to the airport or on road trips. Kids will amuse themselves for hours taking your order and making a pizza just for you! 

For those of you concerned that I don't seem to have any cheese on the pizza, you are correct. Frankly, I figured if I added a blobby white top, you couldn't see the toppings anyway. As well, the thought of cutting up cheese shreds irritated me, and the thought of cleaning them up as they get scattered around the toy room gave me hives.  But, feel free to make cheese for your pizza; vacuum be ware. 

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